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Natural plasters provide a unique depth of texture, colour and warmth that can not be achieved with conventional interior finishes. Their raw and earthly aesthetics are perfect for creating refined modern interiors within homes.

The finish can be applied with various textures, from smooth to more textured finishes. This versatility allows for more creative design possibilities.

Bespoke to your project or Colour matched to paint systems such as Farrow & Ball and NCS, our plasters do not require painting eliminating the use of chemicals and VOCs associated with paints within homes.

Applications can be made over existing sound plaster , plasterboard , moisture resistant wood, or the finish to a clay and lime plaster system.

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Wet Rooms

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For waterproofing bathrooms, showers and wetrooms, we use modern and traditional mineral finishes – like Claylime, Pastellone and Tadelakt.Their durable and timeless finish creates a continuous seamless finish with a minimalist aesthetic that elevates your bathroom away from traditional tiles

Tadelakt is a unique plastering technique that traces its roots back to the ancient medinas of Morocco. Crafted from natural lime plaster, The application process involves polishing the lime plaster with smooth stones and olive soap, resulting in a surface that is not only visually striking but also highly functional in modern homes.

Pastellone is an Italian heritage lime plaster used since Roman times traditionally for floors but due to its versatility and high durability it can also be used for furniture, integrated sinks and walls. Polished stone like in appearance its smooth and cloudy texture is more subtle than tadelakt.

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Plaster & Insulation

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Wood , cork and clay boards are practical and sustainable, with a large variety of different thicknesses and material specifications so you can meet your passive house and acoustic needs.

Natural plasters come in a multitude of specifications that cover backing and insulation coats over existing masonry whether new or old and also as a skim coat finish to existing plaster substrates and eco boards.

Non-toxic and VOC free, their surfaces are hygroscopic – they absorb moisture if humidity is high, hold it without damaging their structure, and release that moisture back into the air. This creates a consistent level of humidity in your space, minimising the damp and mould caused by condensation

Both materials often have the ability to absorb, store, and release heat gradually. This can contribute to a more stable indoor temperature, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling and enhancing overall energy efficiency.Overall this helps create a healthier living environment with better quality air to breathe, All while reducing your construction carbon footprint and energy bills.

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Using natural plasters can bring a variety of aesthetic, environmental, and health benefits to a space.With a high versatility in finish options we can offer a wide range of design possibilities.

The addition of pigments allows for a wide range of colour options, giving you the flexibility to match or complement the overall colour scheme of a room or space

We can advise and work with you to achieve your own custom finish bringing your design to life and creating a truly distinctive space for your client.

Some off are recent completed commercial projects for Clayworks -

Fidelis HQ Station building Dublin- For Connectconstuct - Rammed Earth.- Beckett Locke Dublin for Bennett - Smooth top coat to ground floors. Dopl Store Dublin 2 - Rough with the smooth finish. South at K Club - For PureFitOut - Rustic Corrogated feature wall.

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